chris (christowang) wrote,

Colbert: "If Saddam is dead, it greatly reduces his ability to control Iraq."
Stewart: "He'd have no power at all. He'd be dead."
Colbert: "Really John? Remember, when this man appears in public, no one is sure it's actually him. And yet he has held an iron grip on power since 1979. 24 years of brutal dictatorship, all while only maybe existing."
Stewart: "So wait a minute, You don't think Saddam Hussein ever existed?"
Colbert: "I'm sure he existed at one time. I've seen the pictures of him shaking hands with Donald Rumsfeld. All I'm saying is, right now, fear keeps people in line. If people think he exists, he exists, even if he doesn't really exist. ... The point is, we haven't really killed Saddam Hussein until we kill the idea of Saddam Hussein. So what we need to do is to develop bombs that kill ideas."

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