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agent smith

Mmm... butt pleasure.

I am now the proud owner of a Herman Miller Aeron Chair.


holy christ, what'd that set you back?
I got it for a steal, about $850. I just priced out the same one on sit4less.com, and its $950 without taxes or shipping (though I think shipping is free there).

It's amazing. I left my other chair next to me, and just switched back for a second. A rock would be more comfortable then that thing at this point. It's like they formed fit the chair to fit my butt and back.
be careful, those mesh backs rip real easily.
I had one with a cheap mesh, that never ripped in 2 years.

This one is like metal mesh fiber. 12 Year warrenty either way.
oh, maybe i'm just too violent then.
Yeah, maybe you shouldn't do THAT no the chair.
It looks like half hammock, half chair.%0rman
Hope it was worth that money...damn.
So far, yes. We will see in the long run.
Tell the fiance to take the ring back and get the chair. :)

I would question your sex if you didn't say that. =)
i wish i could afford to treat my butt that well
the most i can do is buy it whichever charmin has the most words after it
You should put it to the ultimate test and stay in the chair for 48 hours and see how your butt feels... hook up a catheder for those bathroom breaks....
Now my butt needs to heal from the months of abuse it has taken.
jezz!... how many times do you want me to say im sorry
Well maybe if you would catch every once and awhile, we wouldn't have this problem.
how many times do i have to say this... Im the pitcher your the catcher, Im the pitcher your the catcher.....
Fine. As long as you keep giving me sweet oral treats, I don't care.
fine... sooo.... your house... 7:00?
7:00? Queer eye is on!

So we watch Queer Eye, then we do the sex0r.
agent smith

October 2007

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