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agent smith

Doom ]|[

After my addiction of Quake during my teen years, I had to run out and purchase id Software's next generation game, Doom 3, the day it was released. This is not a traditional id game where you run around and bash heads as quickly as possible. It's not a complex brain teaser to try and solve puzzles by putting the three keys together that are hidden. This has a well rounded story with clear missions, that you need to take your time to accomplish so you don't get ambushed and killed.

Doom 3 is a Sci-Fi Horror master piece. I've actually jumped back in my chair during parts because of how realistic demons come around corners and jumping out of the shadows. I also can not play it with head phones because it's just too creepy with sounds all around you, and whispers of children coming from empty hallways. You can hear pipes rattle randomly, and feet move on the metal grates near you, which cause you to actually look next to you and behind you in the game and in real life.

This is the most amazing looking game ever right now. It all has to do with lighting. Dark shadows are finally completely black that can hide you or your enemy. When you walk by bright lights on walls your shadow stretches across the floor up the other wall. Not just some default shadow, but you can see the weapon you are holding and details of how you are walking and moving. When you walk near faint lights, blinking lights, or LCD's the glow reflects off of you and the weapon in front of you. The flash light you have will be bright close up, but dim as the objects get further away. Lighting in video games will forever be changed and be more realistic then ever.

If your computer can support it, or if you have an XBox, you MUST get this game. I've just loaded the maps and walked around by myself staring at the lights bouncing off different surfaces and trying to catch my own shadow. Now I know why dogs and cats can be so amused by these little things.


People are under estimating what the lightening is really doing. They don't understand what is actually happening, or the minor details that exist. Carmack has created the photon in a virtual world. Light no longer glows, but bounces around, and correctly too.

As Carmack said, he doesn't bother reading reviews, cause people will view the game as art, which is subjective.
thats cool, I (only being a semi-videogame-geek) was unaware that it was on X-box and not just PC. I might just pick it up then.

In addition, I will probably purchase it based purely on the fact that Trent Reznor was working on the sound environment for much of the process untill he handed off those duties to Chris Vrenna (of Tweaker, under contract with Trent's label) who is someone he's worked with in creating his past work, so that Trent could spend more time on NIN's next release. I also heard, but I'm not sure, that Tool provides the opening theme.
The X-Box version isn't out yet, but it will be.

There is no music in the game, and tweaker just did the intro I think.
I never said music. Sound enviroment.
below is from http://www.theninhotline.net/news/index.php

"As previously reported, Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh recorded the theme song for Doom 3 - which hits the US on August 3rd, and Europe (among other places) on the 13th. Vrenna only worked on the theme, but the jury's still out on the sound design, which Trent Reznor put work into for a while before working full-time on Bleed Through.
On the subject of the theme:
”We asked Chris to create a modern DOOM 3 theme song that reflected the character and intensity of DOOM3, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product,” said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. “Chris and id have shared a mutual appreciation for each others work, and it was exciting to be able to team up on something that fans of both id and Vrenna will appreciate.”

Side A of the 7" will be the theme song, produced by noted producer- composers Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh. Side B will be a previously unavailable Teargas & Plateglass remix of Tweaker "Crude Sunlight" featuring Jennifer Charles (of Elysian Fields fame). The first 500 copies will be signed by Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh and will be available as a pre-order at Noon PST on Monday, July 26th (that's really soon, folks) at the Waxploitation store. "
Just making sure so you know. The sound is amazing though. It's very real. Things fall off, and the ambient sound makes you feel like you are in the environment. You can hear things around you, and behind you. I can't imagine how amazing it is with surround sound, since I'm only using 2.1.
yeah thats gunna be sick whenever i upgrade my sound system to 5.1, especially since a few weeks back Trent announced he's re-releasing The Downward Spiral in 5.1 surround. I got a feeling a lot more albums, not just from him, will be in said format.
I've been waiting to upgrade my CD player to see what happens. Not sure if it will catch on or not. I don't see a bright future for it, unless cars start supporting it since most are 4 or 6 anyway.

Who knows though, I think it's like THX now. It's there, but very few people have the systems at home.
something that actually might help pull along the upgrading process is HDTV. As people spend $ on the sets, the're missing part of the HD experiance if they don't have the surround. but who knows.
True, but I bet most will just get the bundled versions, which I haven't seen any with SACD capabilities. I suppose you could put a tiny app on the cd that would allow you to play the songs through your DVD player as an SVCD. I think most manufacture block that though since it's known to be what people use to digitally trade movies.
regardless, most DVD players should beable to play a 5.1 CD, right?
I'm pretty sure they can't. Sony and Philips made SACD which allow for up to 6 channels of audio on a cd. You need an SACD player, and an SACD to get true surround. All players come with some sort of Pro Logic conversion to make it seem like you have surround, but it's not the original way intended.
agent smith

October 2007

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