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agent smith

The News

So apparently across the street, and one house over, a guy ran over someone with his truck in the driveway when they got into a drunken fight. Should be interesting once it hits the local papers.

The Olympics being in Greece annoys me. Not because of anything Greek, but because NBC doesn't show anything till the night. At this point, everything in the day actually happened, and unless you shield yourself from TV and the Internet it's hard to avoid the spoilers. Once you know who wins, why watch it?

Is it me, or do the Women Gymnasts look weird? Svetlana Khorkina's body looks like something they used to model frail alien bodies for TV. I'll keep watching it for Carly Patterson's muscle butt wedgie.


I comletely agree on Svetlana. She's just freaky, especially when she's twisting through the air. She's icky. :shiver:

I remember back in the day, when the Olympics were on, they were practically on 24-7. Don't know what the dealy is now, but you're right, the programming is lame.
Well they are on about 24/7, but the problem is the events that are popular aren't shown until prime time. So yeah, you can watch soccer during the day live which is at night there, but the other events are taped at played at night for ratings.
"but because NBC doesn't show anything till the night"
...which also means Conan is on hiatus for the next 2 weeks.

"muscle butt wedgie"
Three weeks in a row I've missed Big Brother Tuesday because of baseball.
agent smith

October 2007

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