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agent smith

Time to move to Movable Type...

LiveJournal selling out?


Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
I don't get why the employee's would stay though. That's like Brad just doing it for the investment into the company, to make LJ bigger. I would figure he would just sell it and get out of dodge and vacation for a year or two.
It's officially true in my book. jproulx's significant other commented to an entry in my friend's journal "I guess I can post about it now..." and stated they would be moving to San Fransisco. :-P
hola. followed from around the circles. =)

What an event! I guess the question for me would be how much are they being paid to stay on? LJ, I think, is one of the most complex and innovative open-source software projects ever created, if anything for what's going on behind the scenes. Even though it's open-source, I'd pay top dollar to keep those people who really know the system inside and out in there. And if I was an LJ employee, I'd totally take em for what I could before the bottom falls out. Why not, in this world of open-source.

As for brad? he prolly will take a vacation after a little bit. I think this is kind of the dream that all software developers want to live. I envy his position.

Hopefully this means they'll fix that pseudo-Movable Type s2 style now. It's badass.

sorry for the essay. just felt like rambling. =)
if they do merge/buy-out, will they change anything/have any major effect on lj??
Who knows...
I echo the "What.the.hell" and throw in a "So what does that mean for us free accounters?
I've paid before and the price didn't suck, the bennies were cool and whatnot, but if I *had* to pay, I'd just stop blogging.


its been a while. just saying HI.

Re: hello

Hey Stranger. How's things been?
agent smith

October 2007

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