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agent smith

Apartment Pictures

Photo Tour of the New Apartment


Awesome! Are you living there alone?
Nope, laurlaur182 and I live together.
aww very cute, i'm happy for ya. sounds exciting being all grown up and stuff :p
Look at Mr. and Mrs. Yuppie! :-p.

Yeah... in Low-Income housing just like those other yuppies at the country club.
Low-income housing meaning subsidized or meaning inexpensive?
Meaning you prove your income is less then a number and you get in. If its really low then you get even more money off. The price is set by the county and state.
grand. is that a sony 27 inch?
Yes, and the bedroom has the same TV just a 20 inch.
hhaha awesomeeee. yeah i have that as a 27inch.
Did you have to get much new furniture?
The dining room table is new.

The coffee table is actually two end tables put together that a coworker of Lauren gave her.

Lauren's desk is brand new.

The book shelf in the office is new.

Otherwise most of furniture came fro my bedroom.
Oh yeah, I recognize the futon in the LR. Looks like a pretty comfy place, pretty good for North Jersey, hope you got a good deal on it.
Prices are ridicalous in this area, but it's only 2 years old, one of the few that have ability to put washer/dryer in your apartment, and it's actually cheaper then all of the other complex's in the area.
that looks pretty cool man...so can I come visit now? :)
If you cross the border I think I would adding a fugitive. :)
agent smith

October 2007

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