chris (christowang) wrote,

Al Queda

I learned three new things about Verizon today:

1) That $40 + $20 is less then $50 + $10. So as of today you can save money by having two lines!

2) That $30 for 2 phones is less then $40 per phone for 2 phones. Watch the savings roll in.

3) When you go to the store to sign paper work to transfer a number, they mean you sign the paper work and wait 1 to 3 weeks, then change your plan, not actually transfer the number between accounts. It's actually easier to transfer your number away from Verizon, then keep your business on one account for them.

Why can't any phone company in this area just offer some sort of service that I can make phone calls with? I'm about to move to Nextel and just use it as a voice mail box to get away from Al Queda.


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