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agent smith


World of Warcraft is more addicting then crack.

Does anyone else play?


not me, I'm done with all MMO games for a while, but all my friends play and pester me every day to go buy it :)
And you were my best hope of having a friend to play with. :(
heh sorry man, I just got tired of all the kids online, it is possible to find normal people, but it's getting harder and harder, kinda like when Quake was just for a few people and the in game talk wasn't all just retarded 1337 smack talking, but as soon as quake2-3 came out everybody and their mother started playing and I hated it from that point on
At 3 O'clock when the kiddies get home the Chat goes to Moronic.
world of warcrack..... yup. that works.

i play. on lightbringer as Alinedra. the hottest undead warlock there is. And i say hot because well, an actual chic is playing her =P you can't get much better than that...

if you play on lightbringer, check me out. i'm always up for chatting, questing, or smashing things in the face lots....
I'm on Skullcrusher as an Orc right now.

I was thinking about creating an Alliance Character on another server. Either way, I wouldn't be near you. I'll keep it in mind though.


i've almost completelyl given up on alliance. I've tried it on every type of server, and the only place where they weren't AS dickish was the rp server feathermoon. but to each his own...
agent smith

October 2007

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