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agent smith

World of Warcraft

After playing this game for a month I had to cancel my account. If you want to play the game with more dynamics you play on a Player vs. Player server. The problem with this is when you are just starting out, pretty much anyone can kill you at will. Some people realize that killing people lower then them has no point, so they don't. Others are 14 year old future Columbine hopeful's who decide that it is fun being on top of the world.

I can not pay $15 a month to play a game, and now another $40 on replacement keyboards when I get angry because I can't play the game cause I'm just constantly getting ganked.



awww.... but WoW is so much fun. just.... not on pvp.... but then, i'm addicted to DnD and other rpg's, so i enjoy just the world itself and appreciate all the work put into it. so i'm weird =P
and now you understand why do I hate forced PVP so much
Well you can play on the normal server without the forced PvP.

Then you can't really raid towns at will though, which is why you continue past playing a certian level.

They just need to some how protect new people. The system they have now doesn't work that well since once you leave your area and go to contested areas, you are a fresh meat.
agent smith

October 2007

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