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agent smith

Grrr says the Tiger

To buy a mac or to not buy a mac tonight? That is the question.


dooode I write software for pc's for a living.. I started using them in (omg I'm old) 84.... I know them inside and out... I bought my first mac for work a couple of years ago and just bought one for home in january... os/x is a superior platform, bottom line... I still use my pc's.. but I luv my mac.. definately a good investment imho
Robont's vote +1 :)

The reasons why I'm considering it:

1) OS X. I use FreeBSD on my server and I would love to replicate and play more.

2) Size/Price. 12 inch is nice and portable and I can't get anything close to $1g like I can with an iBook (Dell laptops don't count)

3) Test Web Stuff on Mac. I've got a few clients now that use Mac and it would be nice to know what they are talking about.

And the biggest reason not to get it is I shouldnt be spending the money and I already have a power house of a desktop that I work on all day.
hahaha... I got one originally to test stuff and fell in luv with it.... but ya I got the powerhouse pc as well... there is some stuff I still favor the pc for, but I'm really glad I got the mac...
I agree with Rob. OS X is far superior to Windows. My PC is still on, but really only so my wife can get to the documents that I've been too lazy to transfer over to the Mac for her. :)

Did it! Thanks to a sales man and a 10% Discount.
are you totally confident in tiger?

The first Mac I used when I worked at an ISP, I opened it out of the box and it crashed the first time I booted it up. I'm not confident in anything Mac at the moment, and that's why I bought the iBook since it's cheap and I'll still do all my work on my PC for now.
word... totally on Robs comment.

I love what I "know how to do" with my pc but I'm buying a mac mini for the kids to use on the net and if I could afford it... I'd own a power or i-book 12" too!!!

It's frick'en unix man... just drop to a prompt and go. (I haven't looking into compilers yet... but there has to be a compiler for this platform and that means... it's all out there for the mac!
gcc compiles about every language known to man.

and yes, I plan to use rsync to sync with my web server then get apache, php, and mysql working so I can develop on the road with out Internet access.


You should buy a mac. A BIG one.


Re: (fixed)

You probably like "Secret Sauce" more then I do. :)
well, I would rather eat 'secret sauce' than my own vomit...

but really, as far as mcdonalds goes, I'll just stick with the fries and milkshakes.
agent smith

October 2007

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