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agent smith


So after some talking with an Apple person in the Store Friday night, and "winning" a 10% off my purchase, I went ahead and bought the 1.2 Ghz iBook with an extra 512 Megs of RAM.

So far I'm not really sold on the Apple experience. I ended up install Tiger from scratch with the UNIX File System and all kinds of problems started. I ended up not being able to start the thing up and would get to the Apple screen and the gear would just spin forever. After figuring out how to manually eject a CD, I was able to reinstall but with the Mac Journal File System.

Things have been going all right, but my spacebar is already sticking down when I use it. I'm on hold with Applecare now to see if they send me a new one, or if I can take to the store to get a new one. They are sending me a new keyboard in the mail.


apples sucks
So what brand do I buy blanket statement bill?

no really I like dell, then gateway
As long as you don't want to use the Dell anywhere but one desk, they are great for portability.

My g/f's is less then 1 year old and over heats if you don't slide a book underneath and get it up 2 inches so it doesn't over heat.

Mine the battery only lasted for 5 minutes after 1 year, and the screen moved about 1 inch back forth instead of locking in the position.

I also sent mine back for repair the day I got it because it wouldn't charge. After a month they sent it back without a floppy drive, just a big empty bay on the front.
agent smith

October 2007

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