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agent smith

Bottle King

laurlaur182 and I went to Bottle King this evening to buy some beverages. We picked out a couple bottles of wine and were at the register. After showing my ID they gave me this piece of paper to fill out that said that the building was under survilance, and anyone that they check ID of must fill out this form.

The form stated that I showed them a legal ID, and I wasn't going to give the beverages to minors. It asked for all my personal information.

I don't get this form. Is this legal? Is it a new law in NJ? Does Bottle King do this to just cover themselves? If so, I will not shop there again. Just because I'm not balding or don't have gray hair yet doesn't mean I have to waste my time and give my information every time I choose to buy something.


ha! try buying booze in PA. its the worst. There are no privatly owned liquor stores, theyre all state run. And beer cant be sold with liquor. The state stores have shitty selection and no one working there knows anything about the wines. After all that, they sometimes swipe your drivers liscence. Who knows what they do with that info.
And everclear is illegal.

I think unless the name of the alcohal starts with Bud, it's not acceptable.
There are wacky laws up North regarding liquor.
I'll be home in a few weeks, I wonder if I will run into that.
This is the first time its happen. I don't buy frequently, but this is the only time I've seen this.

I'll be visiting another store next to see what happens.
I wonder if they are helping out with some college project
No way. It was a requirement to sign it. If it was a college project they wouldn't have asked for your Driver's License # on it, and it wouldn't be a requirement.


i was just browsing, seeing if i could meet new people, and i came upon this journal, so im dropping, you a hello and hoping to recive one back and maybe posibly, even a friend, im a lonely person
agent smith

October 2007

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