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agent smith

Google Talk, City Listen

Google Talk got rolled out officially this morning. If you want to talk, add critical @ gmail . com.


Installed it.

Didin't like it.
It's simple which is good. I haven't used AIM for years cause it is way to bulky. Been using GAIM.

I suspect people are going to jump from AIM. Everyone uses it because everyone is on it. No one is moving to another service.
I already use IRC, Yahoo and AIM (the last two I use through Trillian). I guess I just don't need another IM program unless it offers some innovative features that I'm interested in. And no, I don't want to voice chat with anyone. ;)
Have you tried GAIM? Then you can do all three on one. You can also connect to Google Talk.
I've been using the same IRC client (epic ircII on a FreeBSD box) for over 10 years (pathetic, I know), so I don't really want to switch.
Stop being a stick in the mud! :)

I think GAIM is by far superior to Trillian with little features that make it neat. Spell Check, Last lines when a new conversation starts and mouse over information on Buddy List, to name a few.
you're a masochist, right? I'm all in favor of using a unix irc client.. but dang! ircII? I didn't know people still used that..

I use irsii, and I <3 it.

As for Google Talk, i think it needs a SIP and/or IAX gateway, so people can just call me on my VoIP phones.
bah you need a gmail account, and i don't think they are taking any more users
Sent you an invitation.
thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :-*
i thought they only stopped because everyone had signed up already.. :o
lol i'd be willing to believe that
just shows you as "invited"
agent smith

October 2007

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