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agent smith

Insect of Death!

This Praying Mantis has been living in our Apartment stair well now for about a week. It has been scaring children and eating small birds, and it's time to put a stop to it all.

How should I deal with the Insect of Death?

Kill it with Bug Spray
Kill it with my Driver (Titanium Shaft)
Move it down the 3 flights of stairs somehow...

Update: My Pitching Wedge will be repackaged and sold as a Professional Praying Mantis Relocation Device. He now is living safely in a tree by the high tension power lines... at least until it gets eaten.


i already told you what you need to do !
That thing is huge! I don't like killing them because they're guts my squish out and get on me!

That and I have a hard time killing something THAT BIG.

I'd trap it (read as: I'd have someone else trap it) with soemthing really big so it definately got into the container and doesn't get within eniugh reach to climb on me and throw it DOWN THE FUCKING BLOCK so it would never come back!

Or maybe get it into an aquarium and feed it crickets and grasshoppers till it dies of neglect :D I'd be interested in watching it kill other bugs I hate. Hahahaha
It's about 3 inches long, and it cranes its neck and watches your every move.

That's why I was going to use the bug spray. I figured no mess, and I'll find it upside down in a matter of minutes. It may freak out though like when they tried to disect the alien in Independence Day.
"That and I have a hard time killing something THAT BIG"

my thoughts exactly!
Have you seen the pix of the Mantises that have killed hummingbirds?!
I haven't seen my neighbor in a couple of days...
Gee, I hope your neighbor wasn't short....
What, no 9mm?

COME ON MAN, you're from JERSEY for Christ's sake.
I was going to use my Glock, but it could turn into a turf war.
Find an empty bottle of Dew or something and turn it into a 2-liter-heater silencer.
eeek what if it comes to attack? spray it with bug spray, a lot of it,and have some rocks to throw at it to knock it down so it cant get to you. bugs are the devil.
Careful. I think in many states it's illegal to kill praying mantises.
It won't hurt ya, just move it! And give it a kiss.
Look at the bones!

He has been relocated... if he comes back though, I will be challenging him to a knife fight.
pick it up, put it in a doggy bowl, pour dog food on it, wet perferably then dry ontop of that, then throw the dog food out. in the trash with the bowl. and throw it on your arch nemises lawn.
That's quite an expensive solution, don't you think? :) I guess if you had a dog it wouldn't be...
fine poo in a bag and put the bug in it, and throw it at someones face.
agent smith

October 2007

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