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agent smith

Hey Buddy

If a war broke out between Canada and Mexico, what side should the United States take?


Are you still upset from the beating you took over the weekend?


We would push out the aggressor, occupy both until their resources were all used up.

Re: !

Ok, that's not an option, let's play fair.
Mexico obviously, we have to protect 50% of our laborers
Good point, but what if we team up with Canada, and then just turn Mexicans into slaves?
Tough one. If you take over Canada, all the Hockey fans will revolt and defect.
If you take over Mexico, all the drunk rich spring break Laguna Beach wannabee brats won't be able to party there anymore and will start partying in normal places in America like Daytona or the Jersey Shore.
I opt for Canada. The world won't miss the next Alanis.
If we take over Mexico, we could still go there.

What about the Bare Naked Ladies?
I dunno where the states would side, but I would definitely go with Mexico :)
Tequilla? Oh wait, you just care about the warmth.
afro yo
I'm so disappointed that I got rid of my Big Ass Card when they went to WJFK and I thought they were never coming back.
I'd sign up to fight against those mexicans.
So you aren't really taking the side of Canada, you just don't want to take the side of Mexico?
Take Canadas side, fuck Mexico.
My mexican works harder than your mexican!
Yeah, but Mexicans do work hard, where Canadians... kind of lazy.
Why protect Mexico when America Jr is in trouble? ;)
From LiveJournal, most Canadians seem to hate America...
agent smith

October 2007

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