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agent smith

AJAX Today, Tomorrow Bingo

AJAX is looking like the future direction of the web. I decided to update one of my sites to use it to give a better experience for the user. I'm concerned that it may not work for everyone. If you are bored, search for a new home by selecting a state and then counties on the right. Let me know if you have any problems.

This use to refresh the page after you selected your state, but now it just dynamically pulls the list using Javascript.

Any comments are appreciated.


Looks good to me, I tried to break it for about 10 minutes but couldn't.
If it works for you one time, it should work all the time. I'm more concerned about browser compatability. I know it doesn't work on Mac IE.
hmm, I read up on this ajax thing, it makes a lot of sense, might even see if I can use some of it in the current shit I'm hax0ring here at work

about your page, it worked in FF 1.5 Beta 1 without problems, and it's nice and fast
This is the first thing I could do that make sense to use AJAX. I guess I could just load all the counties into a gigantic array, but as the site hits more states and gets bigger that seems silly. It's much better then the full refresh.

I have another site that I could do it for, but I don't like that client. I think it's the future for the web in terms of being able to replace desktop apps with web based apps. I could especially see it for Internal Software for companies that have multiple locations or a traveling sales staff. Super Quick Development time, but the snappiness of running software client side.
yah, that's what I do now, replacing apps and office forms with intranet sites, i'm fucking sick of installing and maintaining shit, much easier to have a site that is the same for all and they can't fuck with it...much :)

took me a month though to make a working combobox :) but that's because I play EVE from here too
I've been using this concept at work for some time now...

I used that idea in the 'form' description that I talked about on my previous post. :)
agent smith

October 2007

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