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agent smith

We just got this email.... Funny, I didn't see the mail man come today.

What e-mail client do you use and why do you use it over other options out there? By client I mean program (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail) or service (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail). If you are a crazy person and say access Gmail by POP, then I want to know the program you are using. Either way, the more important part of this question is why.


I use Thunderbird at work, Outlook 2003 at home, and Gmail pretty often in lieu of IM for people who can't get on AIM at work.
But uh.. Gmail because of the way it handles conversation-style emails (with tons of replies), Thunderbird because it seems to work faster on my work machine than Outlook, and Outlook at home because it gave me the fewest headaches with transferring all my old emails/address book/shit.
Gmail is the bomb. I'm just so parinoid about it disappearing after I use it for 3 years and have 200 megs of email like my regular box has (that's after I remove the messages that have attachments).

You should stop being a wussy and step up to thunderbird at home. I converted from Outlook and I have everything.
My email spans something like 4 years, 6 hard drives, and a bajillion emails. I really, really worry about doing a full switch and then it disappearing, so I keep putting it off.

I'll probably switch over to Thunderbird at home when I can figure out how to get it to look like I want. So like, next week.
Like right now Gmail is dog slow and comes back with errors that the server is busy and try again later. That's just not cool with email.
I did it with about 8 years worth of email, worked, just make a backup of all email before you start if you are that worried, chances are you never look at old emails again anyway :)
I'm surprised AOL hasn't created an AIM <-> Email gateway. You can already send SMS test messages to cell phones from AIM by doing messaging +1 and the number. The person getting the message can even reply. Seems simple enough to do the same thing for email.
I wouldn't put it past those bastards to do that before too long.
My primary mode of email access is unix console/ssh using PINE. Why? Well, I've been using it since 1994, and it's just what I'm used for.

I also use Gmail for a couple things... and Thunderbird for my 2nd job email..
At work, I use Thunderbird. That's because I used Netscape Communicator in the past and Thunderbird has the same threading behavior so it's an easy upgrade.

At home, I use Gmail's interface because it is good enough for most purposes and groups messages into conversations. I use Thunderbird to download messages from Gmail for backup. (not that I'm particularly worried about Gmail going away, but there's always a slight chance)

To access Hotmail, I use Outlook Express. Not perfect but it's better than using Hotmail's web interface.
Outlook, Gmail, and Hotmail.
For ever and ever, I used Pine in my UNIX account because I could access my entire inbox & and all of my folders with my saved and sent mail from anywhere.

When webmail first came long, I liked the idea, but the interfaces were terrible.

Now I use GMail for everything. I'm not TOO worried about losing everything. Really, the most valuable part of it to me is the address book. I suppose if I lost that, it would be bad.

But I really like that I can check my email at work, on my laptop at home, on my Mac at home, or from anywhere with an Internet connection and have *everything* there.
I trust Google, but having everything out of my hands is kind of frightening. I guess I need to just get over cause my server with my mail now I've never seen, but I pay big bucks for so maybe that makes it more comfortable.

I have to search back constantly for stuff that my clients forget. Thunderbird search is better then Outlook, but the Gmail one is better.
agent smith

October 2007

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