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agent smith

LiveJournal Latest Image Viewer

LiveJournal Latest Image Viewer

Randy bothered me about this yesterday, because most of the ones out there stink. So I spent this morning giving my mind some stimilution from doing the same old thing my clients request. I did the whole thing in JavaScript, except for the actual fetching of the XML, since you can't request that from a remote host. I still need to make it so it resizes the images nicely, but there are some issues with that and the fact that there are so many Russians using LJ and they are using really slow image hosting.

Check it out, and let me know what you think. Offer me a job to do something exciting!


Honestly, I like this one better:


The images are at normal size and not in a table.
At the top empty out the width/height boxes and hit Refresh.
Added feature to control auto-refresh and put one image per line. Again, if you want to see full size images just remove the numbers in Width/Height.

Normal size, while ugly, is somewhat easier...i think once you get the imagre resizing down it will be sweet
(07:33:38) christowang: do any of those autoupdating collage things still exist
ManceR: never seen one like that, this is the popular one: http://www.fuzzysquid.com/LJ.php
christowang: there is one's that are in flash
christowang: that just keep loading new images on top of other ones
ManceR: nice
christowang: hm... maybe I should write a better one of these today

that's some serious 'bothering' !
haha... just take the blame damn it!

I guess I was looking for the collage type one in flash, then you mentioned the other crappy ones that just display the images out there.

Whatever, you played with the thing all day.
haha hey i'll take some of the blame but I know the definition of 'bother' and it was far from it...i get 'bothered' by user's all day, totally different ;)
Totally agree... I pretty much got bothered requests only today. All the people that owe me money, or are almost finished, never talk to me.
lol such is business!
agent smith

October 2007

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