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agent smith

LJ Image Viewer 1.1

I've worked out some bugs and added some new features since last time. At the same time my biggest issues revolve around other peoples slow or down web servers which sometimes causes the images not to load at all. Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.

Latest Image Viewer
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you're the next google !
It's very slow. I tried it from home and from work just to be sure it wasn't my Internet connection.
Yeah... well, most teens aren't using high quality web servers. It's actually insanely fast if I were to load all the images locally, but then the product wouldn't be the same.
No, you don't understand... it's sloooooow. I click the link and see your text and buttons and such, but no pictures. I wait, but no pictures. Eventually, there are pictures.

By comparison, if I click this link:


*pop* there are pictures.
Again, it's usually the same problem. JavaScript isn't multi-threaded so I'm always waiting for something else to finish before I can draw on the screen.

I made some changes can you let me know if it appears "quicker". You will also want to leave the Size box empty, and check the One Line checkbox so it looks similar to the one you like.

MUCH faster now.
Feature suggestions:

1. Set a cookie so that my settings are remembered.

2. Maybe this is just a personal thing, but the ability to click on the whitespace around an image is sort of confusing. I think that the links should just be the images themselves.
Ok, ignore that first thing... you already did that :)
I was worried something else was broken.

As for the second one, it has to do with putting things on one line, but I should be able to fix that. I don't use the checkbox, it's only there for you, and only happens when you use it.
Very nice! :D
I had no problems with the loading... it seemed fast enough to me. However I did find myself somewhat addicted to waiting for screens to pop up with some kind of nakedness, or semi nakedness. The same kind of "addictingness" you would find playing a video game for 3 days just to see a polygon shaped boob, when we all realize we can simply go to any porn site and download a 20 minute video of hard core porn. However my disappointment surfaced after watching and waiting for 5 minutes and only seeing a green tattooed penis... which i most definitely did not want to see. But good work, I enjoyed it.
Check back at night, and you get the teens showing off for their digital camera. In the mornings its mostly Russians posting crazy things.
... ahh... those crazy Russians
agent smith

October 2007

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