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agent smith

Jeffrey Gitomer is my Hero!

This year I've been working on my sales skills to try and grow my business. I've stumbled across the great Jeffrey Gitomer. I've read a few of his books including his latest Little Red Book of Sales Answers. In this book he mentioned his next book which was going to be about networking and making connections. I emailed him praising him for his great books and asked for more information about his upcomming book. Well, to my surprise he offered me up a preview copy and he even signed it! The book is called Little Black Book of Connections and comes out in September.

Picture of Both Books

Personally Signed!


note the jizz stain
I'm working on a free signed Olsen Twin Photo.
I thought I was your hero :-(.
This is my sales hero. You are my chemistry hero! I don't see you sending me any Sodium for free. :)
Because you'd blow yourself up or catch on fire.
Gotta love signed freebies.
Yeah, especially when you were going to buy it when it came out anyway.

lost among the posts

Hi I enjoyed reading your posts. I’m new to all this posting in personal journal stuff and it still seems to me that I’m sticking my nose into other people’s business, although being a big Adrian Mole fan I liked reading very much:- ) . Anyway, you’re welcome to stop by at my dull lil page and leave a comment or smth, so I know what to leave out, what to improve. I feel a bit lost in the jungle of posts, so any help would b useful. Thanks 4 the attention.
how did you find my journal, and why haven't you requested a friend add?
Through a community, and I forgot. I was going to after I added you, but then I had to head out. Sorry about that.
no problem. added!
agent smith

October 2007

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