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agent smith

Apple has been blacklisted!

So I'm working on my iBook and I get the gray screen of death. I restart and I get a blinking question mark that tells me nothing. I can't reinstall Mac OS X because it can't find a hard drive. I run the hardware test and it says my mass storage device is fine.

Apple wants $450 to replace my hard drive on my computer that cost me $900 a year ago.

Just so you know, that new commercial where the PC crashes and the Mac doesn't... COMPLETE LIES!


Gates doesn't make hardware. All bow down to Michael Dell and his cheap parts!
gates is still king, i'd suck him off for a cool million
Yes, as long as he didn't talk through it.
yeah there would have to be some fine print
Isn't it just a standard notebook hard drive? You should be able to get one of those pretty cheap. I've seen 80 or 100GB notebook drives for under $100. Why not just do it yourself? Just think of it as an unplanned upgrade. ;)
I've only found a brand I never heard of for $100 for 40GB... for a name brand about $200.

I've also found other people that have done it online. You need to take out EVERY screw in the thing.

I would probably end of trying this, but I've also heard many drives aren't supported.

Check here for drives...


And yeah, notebooks can be tricky to work on. Good luck. :)

Re: Check here for drives...

I can get an Alienware 12-inch notebook for $900. Do I replace old or invest in new?

I'm completely broke right now, so this could be the worse time ever for this to happen.

Re: Check here for drives...

Well, if you're looking to switch to a PC, you can find much better deals on notebooks than Alienware. Check out Dell.


Re: Check here for drives...

You know Dell owns Alienware, right? :)

I've had 2 Dell laptops now and both were sub-par quality. I also want a 12 inch notebook, so it leaves me with few options.

I never switched to Mac. I just got one cause it was cheap at the time and I could test web sites on it. I'll probably pick up a hard drive in a few weeks for it.

Re: Check here for drives...

My Dell laptop just broke on me. It was working fine when I went to bed, and in the morning when I tried to turn it on...it wouldn't.

Also being broke right now, this sucks. Plus I'm stupid and didn't back up anything on my harddrive---byebye almost a years worth of digital pictures!!!!

See my icon :-p.

You know what I think about Crapple :-p.


hi guy
hmm we say thhat it's ОБЛОМ!!!
lol. I feel your pain. Rather than attempt to fix my first line powerbook, i'm going to backup the hardrive and slowly disassemble it with a rusty screwdriver, placing each part infront of a moving vehicle.

Mac's make me angry right now =P
agent smith

October 2007

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