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agent smith

iBook Fixed

I ended up ordering a Hitachi hard drive that was slightly bigger and faster for $50. From what I read it would work in my iBook and what do you know, it does. My laptop is back working again, and my old hard drive has been dismantled and destroyed.

The fact that Apple would have charged me $450 to do the same thing still bothers me. If it lasts for another 1.5 years then I will be happy that I've gotten the intended use out of it.

Also, I use Pages part of iWork to write on my laptop. When you install it, you serial number doesn't work. Only after searching the apple web site you realize you need to manually patch iWork to get it to accept your serial number. Making software that difficult to use out of the box for everyone to stop the few that steal is just wrong.


did you have a backup of the files
Nope. I use my laptop almost entirely as a web browser, email browser and SSH client, so nothing is stored on it.

I di d loose music I had stored on it (about 95% was just burned from CD's. The only thing I really lost was I had 2 pages of a new business plan I was working on.
aah, yeah could have been much worse
All of my good stuff is on my desktop, which has raid-0 and I have an external hard drive that I back up to at least once a week.
well aren't you just mr. prepared
Thanks to a software program I was able to rebuild my hard drive once so I can get data off of it. I'm not going through that stress again. :)
Designed by Apple in California.

Made in China.

Those two combined are what's wrong haha :-p.
Hard drive was a Fujitsa which is made in Japan. :)
agent smith

October 2007

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