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agent smith

PhotoTiki... Camming is Back!

After a few year break, webcamming is back. PhotoTiki is the new Wang Show and it will eventually be the best thing since sliced bread. Mmmm.... Sandwich.

mancer just finished up the ultra beta version of the app that sends photos directly from your webcam to the site, so you no longer need a webcam app and hosting. If you have Windows and a WebCam you can start joining in the fun right now. If you already use a webcam, well it can still cache your image from your web site.

If you just want to browse the site, sign up for an account and make sure you turn off the adult filter if you wish to see the hot chicks.

Future enhancements include posting from your cell phone and the ability to send photos directly from your computer via right-clicking.


sounds cool ill have to try to rember to check it out if i get free time how have you been?
Yeah, it's only going to get cooler hopefully.

I've been doing alright. Actually met with Jacen about two weeks ago with a client and he said you are still making progress to become a pole monkey.
thats it.. being a computer tech isnt gettn me any where workn for him been there goin on 10 years n im still liven at home... he keeps sayn he is going to do stuff n im just sick of hearing it basicaly.. not enough money in it for me.. pluss with being a pole monkey ill be outside n think itll be a nice change.
agent smith

October 2007

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