chris (christowang) wrote,


Having a radio scanner is just fascinating. I have I new respect for police and emergency personal and the craziness they have to deal with. Today's adventures...

- Someone tried to steal a ~ 36 inch TV from Walmart by walking out the front door. When approached, the guy left the TV and just ran into the woods. I guess it was smarter than gett

- Alcohal poisining from drinking 1 quart of Listerine along with wine, vodka and prescreption drugs.

- A bush on fire.

Gems from the past...

- A report of a strange man doing "Kung Fu moves" in someones front yard.

- Man stuck in seat belt in parking lot of mini-golf place needing to be cut out.

This time of year there seems to be a higher number of domestic desbutes than the norm. Maybe it has to do with the back to school?

If you ever want a gift, I highly recommend one. It makes for great background noise while you work.

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